Mar 24, 2011

Mental Health/Human Services Testimony

2/14/11 – Dr, Effrem testified before the MN Senate HHS Committee on the dangerous and inappropriate psychiatric screening and drugging of children on Medicaid.  (Audio available here by following  link for February 14th HHS hearing starting at the beginning.  A PowerPoint is available at this link:  The Screening and Drugging of Vulnerable Children)

3/8/11 – Dr. Effrem testified before the Senate HHS Committee on the governor’s budget and the need to promote two parent families and to cut invasive, expensive and ineffective home visiting, mental health, and child care programs.  (Audio available here by following March 8th HHS hearing at 27:00.  A PowerPoint presentation is at this link: HHS Budget0001.)  Here is a more detailed PowerPoint just on the issues with   Home Visiting.

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