Dec 30, 2014

Petition Against MN High School League Athletic Policy

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Sadly, despite massive outcry by the public, letters from the American College of Pediatricians and Liberty Counsel, testimony of three legislators, and a well-organized resistance led by the Child Protection League Action, the Minnesota State High School League went ahead with a tragically unfair and unsafe policy that allows transgender boys to compete as girls if that is their declared orientation. The board president even admitted that they had received pressure and coaching from the Obama administration’s Office of Civil Rights.

CPLAction State Coordinator Michele Lentz said the following:

“Aside from violating the law, this policy is an aggressive and hostile act against Minnesota’s children, families and the public, violating every principle of human biology and reason. This policy,” she continued “has nothing to do with what is best for Minnesota children, transgender or not. The MSHSL has chosen to be complicit in a nation-wide design to quickly impose a false interpretation of the anti-discrimination laws upon us, dishonestly insisting this is what the law requires, and to do it as fast as possible, before public resistance can grow.”

As terrible an idea as this is, there is at least the good news that the policy, despite very deceptive statements from the board, is is not  mandatory. Here is another excerpt from the CPL Action press release:

Contrary to a media statement by MSHSL President McCready yesterday in which he stated that “the measure amounts to a mandatory policy for schools,” what was passed yesterday is guidance, not a mandate. Even the MSHSL Meeting Synopsis describes it this way:

“League member schools will now have some guidance [our emphasis] from the Board on determining the eligibility of transgender male-to-female (MTF) students to participate in gender-specific athletic programs. Effective with the 2015-16 school year, member schools are encouraged [our emphasis] to base such MTF eligibility decisions on the criteria the Board approved.”

McCready wants schools to believe that they are mandated to allow transgender male-to-female athletes to compete on the team of their gender identity. CPLAction vehemently disagrees. While the policy intentionally does not state it, schools cannot lose their MSHSL membership by not following this guidance.

CPL Action encourages schools not to comply:

“We strongly advise schools not to adopt the MSHSL criteria or insert it to their handbooks,” stated Lentz. “We urge them to comply with the law that protects girls’ sports and that also respects the physical privacy of both boys and girls, privacy which will inevitably be compromised by adopting the MSHSL view of the law. Let transgender students appeal to the MSHSL as this policy establishes, and let the MSHSL be fully liable for the legal and judicial consequences that are soon to come. The MSHSL does not have the authority to overrule state law.”

In addition, there is a petition that individuals may sign that will be used to continue to oppose this policy with the MNSHSL and the legislature.

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