Jul 20, 2016

School Reform News Interviews Dr. Effrem on ESSA Accountability Rules

Jenni White at the Heartland Institute’s School Reform News wrote an excellent article about Orwellian ESSA “accountability” regulations. You know things are bad when Dr. Effrem and Michael Petrilli of the pro-Common Core Thomas B. Fordham Institute both express similar concerns.

Here are quotes from both:

 Effrem –

“Effrem says several factors may make the proposed regulations a ‘disaster.’

‘We have terrible and invasive tests with a punitive, ineffective, unconstitutional, and federally mandated accountability system that has now been made worse by ESSA with all of these Alice-in-Wonderland rules and proposed regulations based on a very byzantine law with no statistical standard, multiple different undecipherable factors, and Orwellian psychological data mining,” Effrem said. “It’s a looming disaster.’”

Petrilli –

“Petrilli says DOE’s new ESSA rules have a rough road ahead of them.

‘I do think we’re going to see some states push back on the executive branch overreach apparent in the rule making process,’ said Petrilli.”

The congressional education leaders are finally realizing the major problems with these regulations which are based on an an extremely flawed law. It is too bad that they did not listen to parent organizations in states all over the country and nationally.  Read the whole great article HERE.

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