Nov 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!


Education Liberty Watch wishes everyone a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving. We are so thankful for each and every one of you who sacrifices to give our children Education for a Free Nation.” Let us all pause to thank God for His abundant mercies, protections, provisions, & blessings and to remember the sacrifices of those who gave up everything to start a new nation based on religious freedom and those who are defending our freedoms today. Thank you for being willing to protect the hearts and minds of our children!

Nov 27, 2014

Urgent Alert from CPL Action on December 4th Meeting – Transgender Athletic Policy

Please read this important alert from, Child Protection League Action, the action arm of our special project organization, the Minnesota Child Protection League.  This Alert has gone viral, and we encourage you to take action and share it widely:



Last October, the public rose up to OPPOSE the new MSHSL transgender policy that would force all member schools to allow transgender students to play on the team opposite their biological gender. All league schools will come under this dictate-public, private and religious. Instead of voting it down, the MSHSL tabled the proposal. It is BACK for a vote on December 4th, and they intend to pass it!


This MSHSL policy creates the potential for children of the opposite sex to:


The MSHSL Executive Director David Stead, in a recent article, wouldn’t respond to the privacy and safety issues his policy will create. He just passed the buck. Let the schools deal with it, was all he had to say.


Well, Mr. Stead,

These are our schools!

These are our children!

We are dealing with it right now!



  1. Contact your MSHSL Region Representative. If you know your region, contact information is here. If you do not know your region,  this Handbook (pp 13-14) will list your school.
  2. Get your school to speak up to oppose this policy.  This means your school board members, your principals, and/or your athletic directors. All MSHSL member schools-public, private, religious-will be affected.
  3. Get your friends, family, and community leaders involved.

    You know who they are and you have the greatest influence on them.

Mr. Stead distributed this information at a recent meeting with Athletic Directors and School Board members:

It is important for policy-makers to understand that transgender girls (who were assigned a male gender at birth) are not boys. Their consistent and affirmed gender identity as girls is as deep-seated as the gender identity of non-transgender girls. The belief that transgender girls are not “real” girls is sometimes expressed as a concern that allowing transgender girls to compete on girls teams displaces opportunities for “real” girls to participate.

So we are to “understand” that boys are not boys, and that boys who feel they are girls, are “real girls.” Gender is not feelings. Feelings-no matter how “deep-seated”- will never change a person’s DNA. Gender is biology. It is incredible that we are being told to believe something so absurd.

Research shows that 70% – 80% of children who expressed transgender feelings spontaneously lost those feelings by the time they were adults. We need to provide help to these precious, gender-confused children, not bind them into something they cannot be freed from. They should not be used as tools of aggressive special interest groups with dangerous agendas that will harm children.


Mr. Stead’s hand-out then made the preposterous case that parents’ concerns over male/female physical inequities were “gender stereotypes” and that “no research” supports such concerns. What world are these people living in? Unfortunately, our children are the victims of their fantasies.


Finally, if you can make it, show up at the MSHSL meeting:

Thursday, December 4th, 9:30am

2100 Freeway Boulevard, Brooklyn Center

Minnesota State High School League meets to adopt a transgender policy.

While you can still make a difference!


Nov 27, 2014

Response to Jeb Bush’s Education Summit Speech

Karen R. Effrem, MD – President

Jeb Bush gave the keynote speech at his Foundation for Excellence in Education national education summit in Washington DC on November 19th  as he continues to lay the ground work for a likely presidential run.  He made an effort to soften his attacks on those who oppose Common Core by now saying he respects us and by shifting blame to the federal government.  As his remarks in Education Next on Common Core required a rebuttal, so too do his efforts to continue his unreasonable defense of Common Core.  Here is a response to some of his statements on Common Core from that speech:
JB:  This is why the debate over the Common Core State Standards has been troubling.KRE:  What is really troubling is that you think these horrific standards that are academically inferior, developmentally inappropriate, and psychologically manipulative with their accompanying tests and invasive data collection system should just be imposed on the nation without a word of protest from the parents, students, and teachers that have to suffer under them.JB: I respect those who have weighed in on all sides of this issue.  Nobody in this debate has a bad motive.

KRE:  I suppose that we should be happy that you have changed your tune from this same speech a year ago when you called opposition to Common Core “political” and full of “conspiracy theories.” However, everyone can see that it is you who are being political as you try to placate opposition while getting ready to run for president.

JB: And in my view, the rigor of the Common Core State Standards must be the new minimum in classrooms.

KRE: There is nothing particularly rigorous about these standards. They are untested and not internationally benchmarked. Federally mandated state standards have done nothing in this country to improve achievement and several think tanks including the Brookings Institute say that national standards, particularly Common Core, will not improve achievement either.  Imposing these very problematic standards will only further denigrate our very troubled education system.

JB:  For those states choosing a path other than Common Core, I say this: Aim even higher…be bolder…raise standards and ask more of our students and the system.

KRE: It is not states that should be doing this via federal mandates, but rather parents, teachers, and duly elected school boards at the local level working to improve education without federal and state micromanaging.

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