Dec 24, 2012

Prepared Social Studies Standards Hearing Testimony of Carter Glendenning

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Submitted by Carter H Glendenning, World traveler, Sr Citizen. Grandfather

Subject: Change to the Mn Social Studies Standards that are to begin 2013.

Dated: Dec 20, 2012

Thank you Judge Neilson for allowing me time to speak on this important topic.

This country was founded on Liberty for all i.e. Freedom, American Exceptionalism, Liberty & Religious tolerance.

Going right to the point, elimination is needed of the repeated theme of “American Conquest of indigenous people, ethnic divisions, slavery, territorial expansion and the institutionalization of racism, ethnic & class conflict” [reference page 85 & 94 of Sonar] —- These themes are a constant thru out the grades beginning in the early grades.

This drags down the entire curriculum & will turn off the students from learning. These young people will think less of themselves -kinda like this thing called ‘white guilt’. Kids are people, people shy away from such negativism. I have spent a goodly amount of time in other countries both living and working. No other country that I know has its educational system so down on its country. Perhaps that is because we are a free people. But, compared to the other countries you cite in these documents, does this document represent a level playing field? No.

This country was founded on liberty including religion. Most all the early writings of this country –from the 1600’s thru the writings of Ronald Reagan have a salute to the Almighty & thanking him. This document is written as though there is no religion, but there is! Whenever tragedy comes, the first things American people do is go to church. This document is in denial. I would expect this document to be written in Russia in the 1920’s, not here.

While talking of the struggles of the women here and around the world, there is no mention of the whipping, stoning, beating & isolation given women by men in the Islamic world as well as in America as they follow their Sharia law.

Regarding the former black slaves, and American Indians, this document emphasizes how bad we were, but says nothing of our help, giving both financially and of our love & time.

I received an email on Tuesday, from Dr Dennis Peterson, Supt of Mtka School system saying that there is too much of a rush to implement these standards, meaning that we need to balance what today’s thinking is vs. those of yesterday’s history. Remember History is the great TEACHER.

Keep in mind, if America was not such a good country, people would not be waiting for years to get in, sneaking across borders, etc. Securing inherent rights has made America the freest, most prosperous, and most generous nation in the history world. Yet American exceptionalism is completely absent from these standards. Instead, there is an incredibly out of balance emphasis on the concept of America as an oppressive culture with an almost obsessive focus on racism, slavery, wrongs done to indigenous people.

It concerns me that one of your main witness’ for this document [Dr Beth Aune], heads up her church’s Social Justice Council.  I would have hoped that a more neutral person would be involved and I suggest that she [Dr Aune] recluse herself from all future proceedings.

Some  University of Mn Professors held a Nat’l conference on Social Justice in Bloomington, approx 2 years ago. It was held to amplify something they called “white privilege” OR as a local newspaper columnist called “white guilt”. The story line was white males have been taking advantage of indigenous people, blacks and women. Does that sound familiar. For those historians, Social Justice comes from the time of & philosophy Karl Marx.

I suggest we maintain the current standards, and begin working on a document that extols the virtues of America

Thank you for your kind consideration

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