The National Pulse: This GOP-Backed Bill Could Be the Next Step to a National Citizen Database

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In a nutshell, Dr. Effrem sums up the frightening prospect of a National Data Base!

This means that they are supposed to list any of those pesky prohibitions on data collection or consent requirements that the CEP decried in their report so that the laws may be changed by statute or regulatory fiat.

All of these agencies are then supposed to give their data-mining plans to the Director of the Office of Management and Budget who is required to develop “a unified evidence-building plan” for the entire federal government. Although the public is supposed to be “consulted” and there is some lip service paid to issues of privacy and confidentiality of data, including the privacy danger of linking various pieces of anonymized data that would allow re-identification, these are only items to be considered, not actual prohibitions on proceeding with data collection.

This bill is clearly setting up a national database that will follow Americans throughout their lives. It is much more akin to Chinese efforts, not that of a constitutional republic.




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